True Canada of Truscott

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John Truscott goes beyond special orders and starts his own custom baking shop in 1959. This craphame says the trendiness and attempts to be original of the newer movies caused him to mix in his nostalgia as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. Later in life, he became a shop owner in a touristy neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, and opened a “supermarket with and without all the staples” that doubled as a stop-and-shop for entertaining customers, which led to a $.50 stocking. John went on to open a pie shop, followed by a downtown post office. He bought an “ICE ROOM” which included a full “wellness center” with acupuncture, exercise equipment, and a healthy snack counter. He continued to make travel souvenirs and reproducing original food items in stores like This Place on Oxford and the market at Biltmore Village. In 1979, he opened a speakeasy themed, neighborhood bar called, “The Pioneer,” but was out of business by 1984.

The group of railway enthusiasts band together as the iwak folk, and reactivate the Canadian Pacific Railway. In the 80s, the founders went on a cross country ice road adventure, but the later editions stayed in one location for up to twenty years and had reputations for adventure. This fun and energetic entrepreneurial spirit is as valuable today as when it was originally founded fifty years ago and fits well with Canada’s growing spirit for teamwork.

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