Four tastiest cheeses in the world voted by an academy of cheesemakers

The International Cheesemakers Guild (ICG) has announced its top four contenders in the poll for the World’s Best Cheese and — as usual — this one is anything but ordinary. The candidates? Homarus americanus, aged goat’s cheese from France, grandes ecoles, from Tuscany, gouda, pasteurized veal cheese from France, Parmigiano Reggiano, an Italian cream cheese.

The members of the Academy of Cheesemakers took their time deliberating and according to the ICG they have “genuinely been astonished by the entries in the past decade of entries” and that “many of the cheeses to be produced in 2019 are amazing in their own right, but there are standout great examples.” After considering both the technical specifications of the cheese as well as its cultural and geographical specificity, the judges have recognized the following cheeses as top contenders:

Charivari-Anne-Verne Farm Goat’s Gruyère, France

Giovanni Scutello-Veneziano Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy

Vagelette-Macaroni Parmigiano Reggiano, France

Agrobatti-Belmonte Chianti-Viognier, France

Cheesemakers from over 17 different countries took part in the judging, with the winner announced in Lyon, France at the end of May. At the same time, those who submit a valid entry will gain a certificate proving that they are indeed a great cheese. In recognition of this fine quality competition, the ICG Foundation has given $150,000 to the winner of the contest.

All four entries will be exported to United States for shipment this autumn, with the grande ecoles and Parmigiano Reggiano going to California. The winners will also be crowned at the

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