AMA asks if you can picture the medical professionals who’ve most changed medicine

Ever wonder what some of the most famous doctors and medical professionals looked like on the red carpet in the decades leading up to the invention of the modern medical model? Over the course of the AMA’s 114th annual national convention in Chicago, the organization posted images of male and female doctors on social media, asking people to vote for their favorites. Female doctors who wore the AMA dress code were required to arrive wearing color-coordinated blouses and bow-ties. As for men, they had one-design options from the full spectrum of male wardrobe possibilities, from button-up shirts to “suit and tie” to suits from neckties to “drama.”

The competition drew in some fairly fabulous photos — a baby on the red carpet as Elsa from Frozen passed by — and gave a fresh look at the evolution of the AMA since the 1920s. (Rounding out the digital slideshow is an image of Norma Rae.) More than three thousand people commented on the AMA’s post, giving the competition five “Likes.”

Read the full story at The Atlantic.


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