Two undocumented migrants found dead in Mexico

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Authorities in Mexico have discovered two undocumented migrants’ bodies in two trailers at a rubbish recycling plant on the country’s Gulf coast, according to a local newspaper.

The bodies were found near Cayucos in Veracruz state on November 23, having apparently been beaten to death, the newspaper La Prensa reported, citing the state’s secretariat of migration.

The pair were found wearing hand-written T-shirts reading: “Anonymous,” according to La Prensa.

The migrants are understood to have crossed the Brazilian border into Brazil with seven other people days earlier, but did not arrive at their intended destination in the state of São Paulo due to difficulty crossing the border, the paper said.

The load, which had been heading to Monterrey, was seized by police before it reached the recycling plant, but the bodies were hidden between the trailers as “police and stormtroopers were nearby” La Prensa reported.

Criminal gangs have, with increasing frequency, used the recycling industry as a point of entry to the United States.

The origin of the migrants’ bodies is unclear at this time. According to La Prensa, authorities said they had not been injured in any way but they had not been able to remove them from the scene.

Police officials had no comment at this time.

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