Shocking moment SUV zooms toward child seconds before hitting her

In an unimaginable moment, an SUV veered into oncoming traffic in Washington, DC, narrowly missing a little girl who is believed to have stepped out into the road just seconds before the crash. The unidentified 7-year-old girl is credited with providing the critical push that prevented the life-threatening wreck. It happened late Thursday evening as a driver northbound on the highway followed several cars into a collision.

Watch the horrific footage showing a single car speeding straight into traffic until the driver narrowly misses a young girl who steps from the side of the road in front of him. After the SUV had plowed into a second vehicle, it broke up while a man wielding a can opener stepped out to smash its windows. Thankfully, the driver had been able to slow the car before the little girl was struck.

Read the full story at NBCWashington.


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