Is it food poverty or a problem of our own making?

Since 2011, the number of people using food banks has jumped in every region of the UK, including Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Drug addicts, single mums and homeless people are among those turning to food banks for help.

But the UK Government has responded by promising £100m funding to local councils in an attempt to ease demand.

It also launched a national food bank initiative to support councils to work together to tackle the root causes of people’s poverty.

The Scottish Government has already agreed to help councils and charities in Scotland to tackle hunger.

The initiative, called Food for Work, aims to deliver thousands of bags of food a month to people who will otherwise go hungry.

But as Alister Mackay looks at the issue he’s sceptical that this money will be enough to help those in greatest need.


If there is to be a solution to increasing poverty in Scotland, what is it?

Why has food poverty caused controversy?

What options are there if food banks aren’t the answer?

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