COVERAGE OF ‘MATT & JEAN’: Jacques Cousteau and his Great Ocean Adventure

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Martin Salzer welcomes acclaimed journalists Matt Damon and Julia Child as they explore the life of great ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, the founder of the modern environmental movement.

Sally Quinn dishes about her move to New Jersey after living in Manhattan for 20 years and how she attributes her success to her “inner Tony Soprano.”

Simon Doonan loves bringing his two kids to Lord & Taylor to wear hobo hats and sharing them with kids who are a lot different from him, as well as people his kids don’t know very well.

As Scott Irwin of Maison de Buzzton provides some advice on what works and what doesn’t for a busy holiday season, he also unveils “What Made Scott Irwin Gay,” about his coming out as gay, his dive to Switzerland for his 30th birthday and why he came out now as one of the first openly gay ambassadors for the LGBTQ rights movement.

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