The shining example of how tech brands are redefining their sports domains will help brands find their digital lives online.

If you’re a culture type, you know what giants Staples is in — the great department store brand across the globe. It’s hard to look at the list of brands to have name recognition in a physical department store and not think of office supplies.

Besides, people have long joked that the name of the logo bears the rough similarity to the digital copy of the logo of the new studio facility it’s in, which coincidentally is the name of a major organization in Silicon Valley: Santa Clara County.

So this is not your typical brand association with digital, but life, a physical space in Silicon Valley, more specifically.

Soon, it will show its name on the venue.

This is a brand experience that takes full advantage of the new technology it is using to place digital assets in front of consumers.

At a fan-fest event, the home of the NFL and NBA in San Francisco had a sort of mini-celebration of the new facility with more casual and non-business-like stuff going on. Let’s walk into it.

Artists wait in line to present and perform at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The new Oracle Arena is officially named the “Oracle Arena,” and is the home of both the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the NHL’s San Jose Sharks.

That’s right: the Oracle Arena. It’s the new name of the arena the Golden State Warriors just built — as a brand experience. Here’s a quick slideshow to see how it is built.

The partners have collaborated to roll out a digital strategy over the years to create a complete experience for fans of the NBA and NHL. The brand experience will remain a priority for these companies going forward. And with the new brand moniker, it’s certainly a logical step for the sports and event brands.

In fact, this isn’t just an arena naming rights deal or a collaboration to launch a new facility – it’s more, a brand concept that is a step in the right direction for its owners to show the world that the tech brands are as professional as any of their other, more traditional brands.

As more teams start to define the digital nature of their franchises, the concept of the “digital master brand” becomes quite necessary for a person, company or team.

Clarkson in Brooklyn is an example of a brand that has taken digital to a new level. In 2013, it went with a new name from the original namesake when it made a move to open a $125 million facility for its new team.

It may not be as revolutionary as the new brands using branded arenas, but sports organizations and fans alike are seeing the value of building a deeper relationship with a digital space that is their own.

Silicon Valley, you’re going to see your share of the political and media turf, but this is an example of a bold new idea coming from the digital trailblazers.

Now, let’s get to the camo.

The Golden State Warriors moved into their brand new arena in September 2016. And, as with most big, sports like it. anything bigger and more complex, comes a bit of design challenges.

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