Why are provincial Tories ignoring the consequences of the Toronto subway strikes?

Toronto mayor has a suggestion for the not-quite-paying-its-debt-the-smart-way Tories

Shawn Micallef: Doug Ford is spending billions on highways. He should look farther down the road

Doug Ford inherited the opposite of a billion dollars of debt when he assumed power in Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party a year ago. But only a year later he has ended up with an additional $6.7 billion.

Ford uses Ford Nation – the 1.3 million voters the website One News predicts the Ontario premier is targeting ahead of next year’s provincial election – to avoid voter accountability. He makes occasional sound bites about keeping taxes low and shying away from regulations, but gives little thought to how he spends our money.

Ford recently announced a $50-million hiring spree at a site southwest of Toronto, an out-of-the-way facility run by a private company. Why the recruiting blitz? Well, it was bought with an extra $6.7 billion the Tories raised earlier this year.

Why aren’t Ford’s critics cheering these new proposals? Why is there no shouting about this irresponsible use of provincial funds when it comes from the premier and the party he’s leading?

Shawn Micallef is the host of The Rebel


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