What are your favourite YouTube clips from 2014?

“Those were the best years of my life,” Edmonton’s Fezonie Dunlap says.

It was 1996, and Dunlap, a Rogers junior hockey player, had just graduated to the adult league. “We’d go out on the road to different towns, and every Saturday night, we’d go to a dinner with all the other guys,” he says. “We’d try to eat as much food as we could eat. And the money we were making, it was ridiculous.”

After leaving junior hockey, Dunlap did some consulting before turning his attention to a more traditional line of work: When it came to recreational hockey, the arena was his domain. “I definitely had a side job I was doing with the rink,” he says. “I’d stand on the sidelines to try to make sure people didn’t do anything. I was like a mom, trying to make sure that people stay safe.”

His passion for hockey had the perfect inspirational twist, because he’s part of a family filled with hockey history. His grandfather had played professionally in Canada in the ’30s. And his father had coached for several years. But he was just another regular-guy hockey player when his brother came up with the idea to film one of his fights.

“It wasn’t great,” says Fezonie. “It was weird. It was totally awkward. I probably won’t feel anything more or less awkward about it after it airs.”

But Fezonie says his brother was right. He didn’t think it’d be played for laughs at first.

“The idea was to highlight the fact that my brother was sick of me hanging around the rink,” he says. “He thought I was sort of a pain and was just taking up a lot of money. So he decided to punch me out. So I thought, ‘Awesome.’ I thought, ‘This is a great idea.’

“And then we met the guys on the show,” he continues. “And they’re a great bunch of people and really funny. I really enjoy watching them.”

Fezonie can now laugh about it, especially with the show he’s part of.

Toronto’s Caught in the Web – Last Call at the Hub is the most viral YouTube show of the year. They filmed 11 episodes over the last few months and enlisted fun and hilarious sports stories to make Caught in the Web one of the most talked-about shows on the web. In honor of Caught in the Web – Last Call at the Hub’s seventh season, the viral show is putting on an epic reality show, ending at the Hub in Toronto for one night only. All you need to know is what time The Hub will be open to see the crazy reality show. Watch Caught in the Web – Last Call at the Hub Online.

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