Tourist visitors urged to stay out of Italy as toxic water floods Sintra

Written by CNN Staff, Italy

The Tourist Agency in Salerno, which manages a botanical garden, a luxury resort and several restaurants, said Tuesday that protesters had been invited to lunch on Wednesday.

Italy’s health minister had warned earlier in the day that supporters of a planned demonstration, which will be in Naples, would be denied access to the area, even if they purchased tickets beforehand.

A Cinque Terre fire rise as Florence, Italy, on May 28, 2018. The fire took place on the coastal road between the towns of Abruzzo and Umbria in the central region of Italy. (CNN)

The City of Florence has also announced additional parking spaces for guests, and Florence coach drivers are planning a special route. A Tuscan coach hostess previously told CNN that she was worried about the death rate of members of her family, who would often visit the city from the provinces.

Now, city officials are joining the warning by the health ministry, advising guests to stay off public transport altogether, even if they had booked tickets in advance. Several Sintra hotels — from which local residents were being evacuated — are reportedly cancelling guest reservations and offering refunds.

Sintra is one of the Italian regions most affected by the sewer overflows. Currently, 1.7 million residents are without clean water, with another 61,000 being evacuated by Thursday afternoon.

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