Sharon & Bram: An American Musical Renaissance

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Sharon & Bram: An American Musical Renaissance. The English born brothers singer/songwriters had been recording together since 1992, but prior to this album it was only available on vinyl. Over the past few years Sharon & Bram has seen over 5 million people see them perform live worldwide. Never succumbing to the tropes of pablum pop, Sharon & Bram’ music appeals to an expanding audience around the world, and while the album is a continuation of their young adult music, which initially began as post-punk, it is on the album that Sharon & Bram find a new, and youthful, audience.

“We knew as a duo, a lot of the mid-tempo, romantic ballads and stuff, and as you get older, the songs have been written more and more from the perspective of a boyfriend who wants to take a long weekend in Italy,” says Bram and Sharon of what was once their hectic 2016 plans. “Whereas now, the themes are things that we’re working on between us. And you know, obviously, our record label, they like that sort of thing too so that’s in there, that sort of romance, and glamour, and then you know the kids tend to love that as well, but it’s also where the weed kind of shows up -“

And these day’s lead singer Sharon Hyams continues her path as an artist and songwriter. A multi award winning actress and musician, and one-time Tony nominee for Spamalot. Sharon & Bram took home numerous New York Times Award for Excellence, and they launched the International Shakespeare Festival this year. And are just about to release their sixth record, titled ‘Sufficiently Resting’ to celebrate 10 years together as a duo.

“We’ve just been touring, touring, touring. And I mean that’s partly what happens when you have a good time, you know and you come home and you realize there’s a lot of stuff you’ve missed out on…which is great! No, it’s really great! My life is just, you know, it’s…doesn’t matter if I need a nap, or want to finish something. It’s very low. There’s no work that I need to do! ‘Cause the energy that was in it now isn’t always really needed.”

They’ll also be joined by music legend David Crosby, UK rocker Dave Mathews, and R.E.M.’s Peter Buck. That’s just a bit of exciting album announcements over the last few months.

Sharon & Bram: An American Musical Renaissance, on sale Friday, December 21, 2018.

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