Meet MotoX rider Tatiana Calderon

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Tatiana Calderon is the commanding presence behind a predominantly female U.S. motorcycle team that competes internationally.

The sporting world is expected to see increased numbers of female riders in the near future.

As of November 2019, there are plans to introduce a total of 67 women in Moto2 world championship. That is expected to triple the existing total of just 18 riders.

Calderon is at the forefront of the resurgence of female riders. She has three-time winner of the German motorcycle club 049cc Grand Prix Floerschkaggerin BMW World Championship, an impressive statistic of her own. Calderon works towards visibility for the burgeoning new sport, through TV appearances and her online media channel MotoXBiz Media

1 / 10 – Sport X Formula 1 Asia Grand Prix, Hangzhou, China, October 25, 2018. (Enrique Muñoz/AFP/Getty Images)

She is sponsored by Diet Coke, and was involved in her first female stunt double training course at the world famous Pantone production studios in February.

But who exactly is Calderon? Below, we introduce you to the Anglo-American “madam driver,” who has a passion for motorcycling, and as a mother has put her motorcycle skills to good use.

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Calderon is world champion in the 049cc flat-out competition category with BMW and is eyeing an even bigger opportunity in Italy in 2019.

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