Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, Madonna: The pop star’s fascination with celebrities’ personal lives

Madonna’s side piece — and her child — are at it again, with gossip that it’s a 3-year-old boy… And that it’s Sam Lufti…

Our Take: I mean, this really is astonishing, you know: Sam Lufti is considered to be one of the NYC power players. Then there’s the fact that he’s even allegedly associated with Madonna. Given that, I’m sure she must have some serious issues with this. But then, this is Madonna we’re talking about.

This comes after a day of Facebook dick pics, going by the names “Dope Shorty” and “Guns and Explosives Don’t Mix,” unfortunately ending up on someone else’s timeline.

Our Take: While it is unfortunate that hackers accidentally posted images on someone else’s timeline, one is left asking if this really is as bad as it seems. And the more one thinks about it, the more likely the answer is, “huh? Yeah, we don’t really feel that bad for the hackers at all.”

Meanwhile, that whole “Hill b***h not Rihanna” kerfuffle continues. Beyonce actually addressed the name calling in her Instagram story on Wednesday morning, saying she didn’t want to give “hurtful’ advice, but encouraged the young women to avoid name calling.

This story is developing… Be sure to stay tuned to our columnists — Alex Goldschmidt and Dyllan McGee (@moremoremore).

“Being sexual and free is pretty great, but if you’re going to glorify it, do it with subtlety, like tell all kinds of inspiring, inclusive things, like, ‘this is a room full of strong people, all kinds of people are competing against each other, and I represent that,’” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2016.

We will take you through the week on “Mad Men.”

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