How to find your inner sunshine next week


There are two ways a person can wish for a good year. The most accepted is to ask for a year of good health and wealth, but there are a few others that also work for most people. Most years are cold and gray and the temperature can be quite cool, so you may wish for warmth and sunshine. You may wish for one of the cool and windy days of the year, or you may wish to again avoid sun exposure when your mood calls for it.


Next week is expected to have temperatures considerably below average, so if you find yourself in a temperature slump you may wish for a change of weather. Try a good book on a sunny day and enjoy your morning. You may also wish to avoid afternoon storms and the humid air next week. If you are currently swimming, make the most of being on dry land and enjoy a refreshing cool shower.


If you are fishing or building from scratch next week, you may wish to adjust to warmer temperatures by resting up in the summer months. Cold weather is associated with disorder, so there are many other entertaining ways to explore your area without harm. You may wish to see fireworks on the Fourth of July next week, or you may wish to harvest crops from your garden. You may wish to enjoy cooler weather and smaller crowds, then you may wish to head to warmer waters next week.


First of all, we are headed for the winter solstice on Thursday. You may well want to celebrate with a snow fall and deep cold with a parade down the street or maybe a sledding hill. You may wish to invite friends out to watch the snowfall and then you may wish to cycle down the street or build a bonfire for a winter celebration. If you are on a diet for those cold winter nights, you may want to grab a baked potato or two and then you may wish to exercise. You may wish to do both.


January is the first month of winter and we may find you seeking warmth and comfort. You may wish to swim, float, or sit in a hammock next week. If you are cooking, you may wish to use extra water to prevent freezing and you may wish to bake for your family. If you have a window in your home, you may wish to go on vacation as many people seem to like to do when it is winter. You may wish to write in a journal and you may want to journal in person, too.


If you are planning a trip next week, you may wish to begin the trip and visit a loved one during the beginning of the week. You may also want to get over that sad breakup or think about giving yourself an early birthday gift. If you are at work next week, you may wish to have family dinners and try to learn something interesting about your place of work. You may also wish to meet up with a friend or coworker for a casual talk during the week.


Next week is a time of positivity, so if you are searching for a job or a job move, you may wish to wait a few days. You may wish to try out one of the health and fitness programs offered in your community and if you are planning to save money, then consider the best ways to get the most bang for your buck. Next week is also a good time to begin your first moves towards retirement. If you are finding your own savings to save, then you may wish to sit back on those days with a glass of wine and enjoy a beautiful sunset next week.

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