How to Choose the Right Coworking Space for You

How to Choose the Right Coworking Space for You

How to Choose the Right Coworking Space for You

7 January 2020
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Coworking spaces can be a great thing for self-employed people, as they can give you motivation to work, as well as new ideas and new friends. However, no two coworking spaces are the same, so it's important to think about what you want and what kind of space would suit you. Here are three ways to narrow down your options.

Consider Convenience

A coworking space needs to be convenient. If it is hard to get to or if the space is not accessible when you want to go, you will not be motivated to work. This is not good if you are paying a monthly fee to be there. Think about how you will get there. If you will need to take public transport, make sure it is easy and suits your budget. If you plan to drive, ensure there is somewhere to park. As Benenden Health explains, walking to work makes you fitter and more productive—but is the coworking space close enough to feasibly do so?

Additionally, consider the working hours and access arrangements. If you like to work early in the morning, a space that doesn't open until ten may not be for you.

Examine the Facilities

Each coworking space in your town or city will be different and will offer different facilities. All of them will have desks and places to work, but some will also have meeting rooms or collaboration spaces. If that's something you want, make sure that your future space offers it before committing. If you want access to a kitchen to make lunches or a convenient smoking area for breaks, make sure that's something that exists. If you need a certain type of desk or chair, check out what's available. Most coworking spaces have information about facilities on their website, so make a checklist of what you want and see which space suits your needs best.

Think About Your Preferred Atmosphere

You might prefer to work in a quiet environment, or you might prefer a livelier space. Some people like to network and meet other business professionals, while some are more casual. Look on the area's website or social media pages to find out what kind of events they have. You could visit in person to get a better idea of what the vibe is like. Do the other workers seem to be working towards similar goals, and are they the type of people you want to meet? How loud is the space, and does that suit you? Think about what kind of atmosphere you would enjoy, and what your goals are.

If you spend some time thinking about what would be convenient for you, what kind of space you would enjoy, and what you need from a space, you are sure to be able to choose the right space for you, ensuring maximum productivity. Contact services like Officeport to learn more.

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